Discovery & Design.

We meet with you to discuss your needs, ideas, and budget of your dream home. Collaboratively guiding you through architect selection, prints, and materials to fit your style.

Initial Meeting: First Steps

Let’s get together and learn more! Allow us to introduce ourselves and give you a glimpse into what your home­building journey might look like working with Celebrity Builders. Give us the opportunity to get to know you and your vision for your future home. Here we will educate and brainstorm budget, home size, and unique specifics that fall at the top of your dream home wish list. 

Design Phase: Turning Dreams into Reality

What does your dream home really look like? As you convey your dream home ideas, Celebrity Builders will assist you in selecting one of our area’s top architects to draw a home that suits you and meets your needs. Upon completion of your print, our team will collaborate with you in choosing colors and materials that reflect your personal style and fit into your estimated budget. Choices made during this phase, although not final, will help us provide you with an estimated cost of constructing your home. 



Bid & Timeline.

We submit your specifications to our strong network of suppliers and tradesmen. You’ll be presented with a financial outline and project timeline.

Bid Phase: Now for the Numbers

Let’s get the numbers! After your custom home has been designed, materials have been chosen, and specification sheets are complete, Celebrity Builders will submit your specific plan for bid. Because quality and excellence are high priority to our company, we have aligned ourselves with tradesmen and suppliers that are able to reach our expectations of goods and services while still maintaining competitive prices. 

Presentation of the Product: What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect! At this stage, Celebrity Builders will present you with both a financial outline of the cost to build your home and also a projected timeline of your project. Because being informed and educated is an important start to the building process, we will review the specification sheet used in the bidding process. This will provide you with a clear idea of what the quoted price to build your home includes. We will also highlight and explain the allowances for the different products and services. The projected timeline is a tentative schedule used to keep everyone up to speed when decisions need to be finalized and also how the process should progress. 



Contract & Construction.

We’ll review your contract, purchase agreement, and address questions. Construction will begin and follow an efficient flow chart.

Contract Signing: Let’s Make a Deal

Let’s make a deal! Celebrity Builders is thrilled to have earned your confidence and eager to align with you on your home­building journey. Before construction can begin on your home, a contract and purchase agreement must be signed. During this meeting, we will answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. Together we will review a construction flow chart for your home which outlines the construction schedule and when product decisions need to be made. We will also explain the warranty that is included with the construction of your home. 

Construction Phase: Taking Shape

Your home is taking shape! Because of the extensive groundwork we have laid in the previous phases, Celebrity Builders intends the construction portion to run smoothly and be enjoyable for you. It is extremely important during this phase to refer to the flow chart often to stay on task with product finalizations. Throughout this phase, Celebrity Builders will invite you to the job site for specific progress meetings to ensure your satisfaction and to make sure things are progressing as intended. 

Pre-­closing Meeting: Welcome Home

Welcome to your new home! Upon completion of construction, Celebrity Builders will give you a thorough orientation of your new home. Included in orientation is a home instruction binder where you will find information on how to properly care for and maintain the products and appliances in your home. We will review your home warranty and answer any questions you may have before you move in. 



Closing & Warranty.

We’ll guide you through your new home, discuss best maintenance practices, and answer questions. We’ll also review your warranty, and check in after the first year. 

360 Day Check­-up: Checking In

We are checking in! Customer satisfaction and loyalty are what help Celebrity Builders succeed. Before the 1­year warranty has passed, we will check in with you to see if there are any covered issues with your home that need to be addressed. We commit to resolve pertaining issues in a timely manner while putting minimal effect on your lifestyle. 


Because we build with the highest standard of quality and we stand behind our name, we are able to warranty your new home.

Free Site Eval

As one of the most respected builders in the Grand Rapids and surrounding area, we at Celebrity Builders, LLC are excited to help you build your home. Finding land is one of the first steps in the process. Let’s meet at your building site and talk about the possibilities. Contact us so we can get started!