About Us.

Committed to excellence and quality, Celebrity Builders constructs custom homes that fit your lifestyle and meet your needs. Placing high priority on detail, craftsmanship, and customer care, we will make your home building experience smooth and enjoyable.

We believe maintaining transparency in our business practices is not only a moral responsibility but also a key element in earning the trust of our clients. 

Meet Our Team

Although Celebrity Builders was established in 2003 by Troy DeHoop & Rob Vis, their partnership began long before that. Friends since kindergarten, the guys have been a team for most of their lives. Their experiences and history is the framework for the extremely successful partnership that they continue to build upon. 


Rob Vis

Rob expanded his knowledge of the building industry after high school with jobs in both painting and heating and cooling. Focusing back on framing, Rob and Troy partnered to create Celebrity Builders. Rob is extremely meticulous and dedicated to making sure all details of a project are executed to the highest level of quality. He is also committed to ensuring clients are comfortable and educated on the building process. 


Troy DeHoop

Troy graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a marketing emphasis. His construction career began when he was 16 years old and continued while he was pursuing his business degree. Troy fell in love with the tangibility of the construction industry so he fully immersed himself into it after college. He loves working with people and prides himself in being organized, efficient, and making sure projects stay on schedule.