Outside-In & Inside-Out

Custom Hydraulic Windows

At this high-end remodel project, our client had such a gorgeous outdoor space that we had to find a way to bring the outside in and the inside out. Click the link below and watch this video to see our clever window hack that allows them to open up their space and bring the inside out … or … the outside in.

Who Says Laundry Can't be Fun?

Holland Custom Laundry Room

Just because you *CAN* shut the door doesn't mean your laundry room should be drab. Check out this gorgeous laundry room in a custom built home in Holland, MI. Celebrity Builders spared no detail when putting this layout together. Complete with custom drying racks!

West Michigan Home Builder

Say goodbye to those cracked plastic baskets you have lying around your house. Rolling laundry carts look great and make sorting and washing clothes easy! 

Celebrity Builders would love to give you the laundry room of your dreams! Contact us for more information.